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RTE' Arena2022RTE' Arena, The Weir
Shining City Interview2021Interview with Gaby Roslin
Animal Instinct: Human Zoo (2017)2017Audible Audio Book
I, Robot2017BBC Radio Play
A Christmas Carol2016Audible Audio Book
Irish Jam2016Radio Interview, Anderson Shelter Productions/Emerald City
Amok2015Audible Audio Book
Hong Kong Noble Interview2015Noble
Corby Radio Interview from Singing for Lakelands2014Radio Interview
The child and Silence2014Tatterdemalion Blue Audio Book
Angel Star2013Tatterdemalion Blue Audio Book
Mojo excerpt2013From "Mojo"
Batman: Year Minus Two2013Graphic video
Rêverie Interview2012With Oliver Condy and Lucy Parham for BBC Magazine
Downton Abbey Interview2012With Joanne Froggatt via David Stephenson
From Fact to Fiction: Inside the Bonfire2010BBC Radio Play
Risen2009Video Game
Complete Shakespeare, Comedy of Errors 2005Shakespeare Audio Book
The Language of Angels2005BBC Radio play
The Secret Cupboard2003BBC Radio play
The Dubliners, Little Cloud2000James Joyce Audio Book
The Weir1998Royal Court Production
This Lime Tree Bower1997BBC Radio play
Gracie1996BBC Radio play
Fuhrer1995BBC Radio play
Nora1994From "The Plough and the Stars"
Pygmies in the Ruins 1992BBC Radio play