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Video (1990-2010)

Circa 1990Alan Gilchrist on Ask AnneStop Smoking
Circa 1990Ask Anne follow-upStop Smoking
2006OffsideSpecial Feature
2008Lark RiseInterview

Video (2011)

May 2011TV BAFTABAFTA interview
June 2011Arts Educational Schools screeningArts Ed interview
October 2011Pride of Britain AwardsAward Ceremony
November 201124 Hour Plays Celebrity GalaInterview
December 2011Press Association Downton Abbey Interview (edited)Panel interview
December 2011Press Association Downton Abbey Interview (raw)Panel interview
December 2011What's On TVInterview
December 2011Saturday KitchenProgramme guest

Video (2012)

January 2012National Television AwardsAward ceremony
January 2012National Television AwardsDigital Spy interview
January 2012National Television AwardsShowbiz 411 interview
May 2012Soccer AMProgramme guest
May 2012This MorningProgramme guest
May 2012The One ShowProgramme guest
June 2012Basauri AwardAward interview
June 2012Basauri AwardAward ceremony
July 2012Antena3 TVInterview
July 2012Press AssociationInterview
July 2012Young HollywoodProgramme guest (TCA)
July 2012AP InterviewTCA interview
July 2012AP InterviewTCA interview
July 2012E Online InterviewTCA interview
July 2012Isn't it BromanticDownton preview
July 2012Bates and VeraDownton preview
July 2012Bates and AnnaDownton preview
July 2012Mr and Mrs BatesDownton preview
September 2012LA BAFTA TV TeaEmmy interview
September 2012Writer's ReceptionEmmy interview
September 2012BOA West HollywoodEmmy interview
September 2012Pre-Emmy Luxury LoungeEmmy interview
September 2012Red CarpetEmmy arrival
September 2012Red CarpetEmmy arrival
December 2012Sunday MorningInterview
2012Mr BatesCharacter study

Video (2013)

March 2013Book of Mormon Red CarpetInterview
May 2013World Food ProgrammePSA
May 2013World Food ProgrammePSA Behind the Scenes
July 2013You Saw Them Here FirstFeature
September 2013Lakelands Hospice DocumentaryNarration
December 2013Theatre AidDancing Like No One Is Looking

Video (2014)

February 2014Monuments Men Red CarpetArrival
April 2014Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Red CarpetInterview
April 2014Peace By Piece and Animals AsiaFundraising
May 2014It'll Be Alright On The NightInterview outtake
September 2014Noble Premiere InterviewNoble Interview
September 2014The Late Late ShowNoble Interview
September 2014Downton Abbey series 5 Press Launch InterviewsDA Interviews
October 2014How Posh Are The CastDA Interview
October 2014"Singing For Lakelands"Fundraising Speech
October 2014Spotless InterviewInterview
November 2014The Cast Trade PlacesDownton Abbey
December 2014Text SantaDownton Abbey

Video (2015)

March 2015The Duchess at DowntonRoyal Visit
April 2015Downton Wars: Episode One - Phantom ValetFundraising skit
August 2015Downton Abbey BAFTA tributeArrival
August 2015Close Kickstarter appealClose
September 2015Downton Wars: Episode Two - The Evil Butler Strikes BackDownton Abbey
September 2015Spotless Meet the CastInterview
October 2015Murdoch Mysteries Christmas Special PromoPromo
November 2015SpotlessAOL Build
November 2015Spotless Promo
November 2015Spotless press tour
December 2015Murdoch Mysteries Christmas memoriesInterviews
December 2015Text SantaFundraising skit
December 2015Spotless US WeeklyInterview
December 2015Murdoch MysteriesBehind the Scenes
December 2015Good Morning BritainDownton Abbey

Video (2016)

January 2016Spotless press tourAmerican Obesssions
May 2016Me Before YouMe Before You Interview
July 2016Muse of FireShakespeare's Globe Interview
December 2016A Christmas Carol Behind the ScenesA Christmas Carol Interview

Video (2017-2019)

October 2017European Capital of CulturePromo
2017"Animal Instinct: Human Zoo"Behind the Scenes
2017Requiem Behind the ScenesRequiem Interview
March 2018LorraineRequiem Interview
August 2018ITVThe Price Interview
January 2019St NicholasChicago interviews
February 2019The PriceAndrew Marr Show

Video (2021-23)

February 2021St Nicholas IntroductionSt Nicholas video
March 2021Hear Me Out podcastInterview
September 2021Shining City trailerPlay trailer
September 2021Shining City roundtableDiscussion
October 2021Shining City Instagram
Behind the Scenes
January 2023The Weir interviewInterview
January 2023The Weir trailerPlay trailer