I, Robot (2017)

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“The rise of robotics in the 21st century, told through the poignant and mysterious story of enigmatic lawyer, Stevie Byerley.

As a girl, her strongest emotional bond is formed with a robotic childminder rather than her parents. As a young woman, she is involved in a catastrophic car accident, and is only saved by the use of state of the art, and secret technology.

On recovery, Stevie becomes a Legal Psychologist and devotes her life to robotics. She defends robots which have developed dangerous religious delusions; she helps those that have become unstable because their fundamental programming has been tampered with; she sympathises with those who have developed freakish and supernatural powers.

Through all this, Stevie becomes acutely aware of the delicate balance between humans and the artificial intelligence they have created.

Written over 60 years ago, Isaac Asimov’s stories are moving closer to reality every day. The world he imagined is just around the corner …”

  • BBC Radio Afternoon Play, from Monday 6 February 2017 to Friday 10th February 2017
Isaac Asimov, dramatised by Richard Kurti
Andrew Mark Sewell
Additional Cast:
Hermione Norris, Derek Riddell, Nicholas Briggs
BBC Radio
Unavailable for purchase
I, Robot (2017)