Who Kidnapped Shergar (2004)

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Shergar was a racing legend, the horse that came from behind to win the Derby by a mile. Valued at £8.5million, 34 shares in the horse were sold for £250,000 each. When he was retired to stud in 1981, Shergar looked set to make his owners millions. But one night in February 1983 armed and masked men burst into his stables and kidnapped the champion stallion. Shergar was never seen again.

‘Who Kidnapped Shergar’ is an investigation into the kidnapping of Shergar and his fate thereafter. Among those interviewed is the former leader of the IRA in the Irish Republic, Sean O’Callaghan, who reveals information provided by men he names as those responsible for the kidnapping. Chief Superintendent Sean Feely who is now in charge of the Shergar file, and Jim Fitzgerald the head groom at Ballymany Stud, who until now has never broken his silence on the events of the night of the 8 February 1983

Neil Rawles
Paula Williams
Production Companies: 
Mint Productions, Radio-Telefís Éireann
Aired Thursday, 11 March 2004 at 10.15PM on RTÉ ONE. Available to watch.