Waking the Dead: Multistorey (2003)

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  • A multi-discipline police team of detectives and scientists, the Cold Case Squad, investigates old, unsolved murder cases using modern methods and new technology that may not have been available during the original investigation.
  • All the episodes were two hours long, shown as two one-hour parts on consecutive days of each week.


  • In 1996 a gunman opened fire from the top of a multistory carpark killing passersby on Whitewater High Street. Since known as the Whitewater massacre, one of the victims was a tactical squad police officer, Sgt. Nick Patterson, Supt. Peter Boyd’s best friend. Patterson’s police-issued Glock pistol disappeared and was the weapon used to kill him. The Glock disappeared that day but is found seven years later by two boys some 10 miles from Whitewater.
  • Boyd and his team are assigned to solve the mystery of the vanishing gun as the convicted sniper’s solicitor is calling his client’s conviction into question. As the investigation continues, the team begin to discover anomalies that may in fact mean the convicted killer, Carl Mackenzie – who always maintained his innocence – may have been wrongly convicted.
Martin Corgan
Series 3, Episode 1, Multistorey: Part 1 (14 September 2003)
Series 3, Episode 2, Multistorey: Part 2 (15 September 2003)
Barbara Machin
Ed Whitmore
Robert Bierman
Richard Burrell
Production Company: 
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Additional Cast:
Trevor Eve, Sue Johnston, Holly Aird, Claire Goose, Wil Johnson, Robert Pugh, Jason Hughes, Kim Vithanak, Sean Pertwee
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