The Playboy of the Western World (1990)

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Christy Mahon takes refuge in a private pub on a peninsula of County Mayo, claiming he killed his father. News spreads like wildfire, but the locals are more interested in vicariously enjoying his story than in condemning the immorality of his murderous deed.

He captures the romantic attention of beautiful but feisty bar-maid, Pegeen Mike. When he wins the horse race on the strand, he is truly ‘the playboy of western world’, that is, until his ‘dead’ father walks in…

  • The play is in the public domain and can be legally downloaded or read at Project Gutenberg.
Christopher ‘Christy’ Mahon
John Millington Synge
Jonathan Holloway
Additional Cast:
Sean Caffrey, Maeve Connelly, Martin Dempsey
Lyric Theatre
Completed Play. Opened Thursday, 18 October 1990