The Glass Virgin (1995)

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Set in 1870s England, the story tells of Annabella Lagrange and the terrible secret her wealthy parents have kept from her. When she finally learns the truth, she runs away and eventually finds solace in the company of her family’s former groom, Manuel Mendoza.

Together they travel the Northumbria countryside from job to job in his horse and caravan, Annabella trapped in limbo between her upper class upbringing which has rejected her, and the working class who are sometimes suspicious of her, only Manuel understanding her situation.

  • Adapted from the best-selling novel by Catherine Cookson.
  • Aired as a TV mini-series
The Spanish Irishman, Manuel Mendoza
Catherine Cookson, Alan Seymour
Sarah Hellings
Ray Marshall
Production Companies: 
Festival Films, Tyne Tees Television, World Wide International Television
Additional Cast:
Jan Graveson, Christine Kavanagh, Emily Mortimer, Jean Heywood, Nigel Havers, Sylvia Syms
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