The Clearing (1998)

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Set in Ireland in 1562, three years after the execution of King Charles I, this is a powerful play about the effects of Oliver Cromwell’s military campaign in Ireland.

It centers on the dilemma of Robert Preston, an English landowner’s son, who has married an Irish woman, had a son, and is beginning to develop his small estate.

Though passionately in love with his wife, he decides he loves his home more, refusing to support his wife when she goes in search of their servant girl, who has been snatched for transportation. Preston endeavours to strike a deal with the cold and heartless governor, leaving his wife few options.

  • The play won the Time Out Theatre Award and was a joint winner of the John Whiting Award.
Helen Edmundson
Brendan Coyle
Mountview Academy Theatre
Performed from 18 March 1998 to 21 March 1998