The Changing Room (1996)

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Set in a Northern English town hit hard by the early 70s economy, the play offers a slice of life in a semi-pro rugby team men’s changing room.

It explores the nature of competition and violence, as practiced on and off the field before, during, and after an important match.

  • The play was part of a revivial in 1996 for the Royal Court’s classic’s series.
Kendal, a forward on the team.
David Storey
James Macdonald
Duke of York’s Theatre, London
Additional Cast:
Ewan Hooper, Chris Gascoyne, Chris Walker, Jonsthan Magnanti, Paul Rider, Tim Dantay, Louis Hilyer, Jason Pitt, Philip Whitchurch, Philip Martin Brown, David MacCreedy, Simon Wolfe, Roger Morlidge, Andrew Cryer, Stephen Bent, Steve Jackson, Simon Rouse, Roy North, Nicholas McGaughey, David Hargreaves, Alex McAvoy
Completed Play, opened on 1 February 1996 and closed 30 March 1996.