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Set in the fictitious town of Glenntannoch in the Highlands, Rockface chronicles the exploits and personal travails of volunteer rescue workers.

Between the climbing adventures, it also explores relationships involving members of the Glentannoch Mountain Rescue Service and their loved ones.

  • The first six episodes were broadcast from 13 March to 17 April 2002 on Wednesday nights; the second series of eight episodes ran from 25 May to 27 July 2003 on Sunday nights.
  • Rockface was filmed on location in Scotland and based on the real Lochaber Mountain Rescue service.  All the major incidents in the series were also based on real life rescues.
Douglas McLanaghan
Series 1-2 (2002-2003)
Nicholas Hicks-Beach, Shelley Miller, Steve Trafford
Robert Bierman, Sue Dunderdale, Terry Winsor
Jacky Stoller
Production Companies: 
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Columbia TriStar International Television, Columbia TriStar Television, Union Pictures Productions
Additional Cast:
Clive Russell, Richard Graham, Rupert Evans, Zoe Eeles, Melanie Gutteridge, Cal Macaninch, Jamie Sives