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A story of passion and patriotism, the film tells of one young man’s coming of age during the tumultuous years from 1916-1922 in Ireland.

Ernie Coyne is an idealistic 18-year-old who signs up to fight for an independent Ireland in the doomed Easter Rising but who ultimately finds his loyalties divided between the man he believes in and Ita, the woman he loves.

Ernie’s story begins with the heroic gesture of the Easter Rising – but subsequent events test his loyalties to breaking point. As the nation divides, and the republican movement implodes, he has to prove himself not only to his comrades in arms, but also to Ita.

  • Rebel Heart won the Best Director Award at the Monte-Carlo International Television Festival.
Michael Collins
Episode 1, 7 January 2001
Episode 2, 14 January 2001
Episode 3, 21 January 2001
Episode 4, 28 January 2001
Ronan Bennett
John Strickland
Robert Cooper, Malcolm Craddock
Production Companies: 
BBC Northern Ireland, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Picture Palace Productions
Additional Cast:
James D’Arcy, Frank Laverty, Vincent Regan, Paloma Baeza, Dawn Bradfield, Lorcan Cranitch
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