Prime Suspect 7: The Final Act (2006)

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With Jane Tennison poised on the edge of retirement, she has only a few weeks of work ahead of her. In her off time, she struggles to care for her dying father and battles her own periodic blackouts, brought on by encroaching alcoholism.

The central crime plot involves Tennison’s attempts to pinpoint those responsible for the sudden death of a pregnant teenage schoolgirl and bring the unsavory characters to swift justice. As she investigates, she comes into increasing contact with the girl’s family, and begins to perceive the broken relationship that existed between the victim and her deeply dysfunctional father.

She also befriends Penny, the best friend of the deceased a relationship that imparts her with much-needed insight into the case at hand.

DCS Mitchell
Frank Deasy
Philip Martin
Andrew Benson
Production Company: 
Granada Television, WGBH
Additional Cast:
Helen Mirren, Stephen Tompkinson, Laura Greenwood, Eve Best, Katy Murphy, Gary Lewis, Frank Finlay, Robert Pugh
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