Over The Bridge (1990)

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A group of trade union officials face a dilemma when there is an outbreak of sectarianism amongst their fellow workers at a shipyard. In the aftermath of a sub-station explosion, blamed on the IRA, tensions are heightened, and Catholic workers in general stay away from the yard.

Only one, Peter O’Boyle, turns up, and as a mob gathers, he refuses an offer to leave peacefully stating that he will not be forced from his work. A fellow trade-unionist, Protestant Davy Mitchell, makes the decision to stand together with his workmate, and they begin work knowing that tragedy may result.

Mob Leader
Sam Thompson
Jeremy Raison
Additional Cast:
Mark Mulholland, Brigid Erin Bates, Patch Connolly, Joseph Crilly, Roma Tomelty
Lyric, Belfast
Completed Play.  Opened Thursday, 15 November 1990