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The extraordinary true story of a feisty and adventurous woman, Christina Noble, who overcomes the harsh difficulties of her childhood in Ireland to discover her destiny on the streets of Saigon.

  • Nominated for Best Picture, Actress in a Lead Role in Film for Deirdre O’Kane, and Actress in a Supporting Role in Film for Sarah Greene, by the 2015 Irish Film and Television Awards (Ifta).
  • The film premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on 31 January 2014, where it earned an extra screening and won the Panavision Sprit Award for Independent Cinema. The award is given to a unique feature made outside of mainstream Hollywood.
  • Gala screening held 11 September 2014 at the Savoy Cinema in Dublin in aid of the CNCF.
Gerry Shaw
Stephen Bradley
Stephen Bradley, Melanie Gore-Grimes
Production Company: 
Destiny Films
Additional Cast:
Deirdre O’Kane, Sarah Greene, Ruth Negga, Liam Cunningham
 Available to purchase or rent
Noble Interview, Hong Kong, 2015