Mapmaker (2001)

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In post-ceasefire Northern Ireland, a Dublin cartographer, Richie, accepts a job just north of the border in a politically and religiously-divided community. In the course of mapping the area, Richie discovers the body of an alleged informer, Nolan, killed years earlier and he realises that the key to understanding the mystery lies in the map he is commissioned to draw.

  • Won a 2002 SIGNIS Award – Special Mention, Amiens International Film Festival in France.
  • Nominated by the Cherbourg-Octeville Festival of Irish & British Film for best film in 2002.
Robert Bates
Johnny Gogan
Paul Donovan, Michael Garland, Rod Stoneman,  Tommy Weir
Production Companies: 
Grand Pictures, Bandit Films, Oil Factory
Additional Cast:
Brían F. O’Byrne, Susan Lynch, Ian McElhinney, Oisín Kearney
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