Judgement Day (1989)

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It’s just another normal day at a small town station where a handful of passengers are waiting for the stopping train. Then Thomas Hudetz, the well-liked station master, is momentarily distracted by a young woman and forgets to change the signal. Seconds later eighteen people are dead when the express ploughs into a goods train.

Together, however, Anna and the stationmaster commit perjury, insisting the signal was changed before the express passed through the station. But such deceit has terrible consequences. How long can Thomas postpone the day of judgment?

  • Ödön von Horváth’s penultimate play is a vividly characterised portrayal of a society that refuses to take responsibility for its actions.
  • Winner of the Charrington Awards Best Production
Porkorny, Kohut, the customer and travelling salesman
Ödön von Horváth
Stephen Daldry
Additional Cast:
Stephen Boxer
Old Red Lion
Completed play