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Chief Inspector Michael Jericho is one of Scotland Yard’s finest officers, revered by his colleagues and the public. Set amidst the social upheaval of post-war 1950s London, Jericho is surveying a city changing before his eyes and he is ahead of his time in his fight for justice without prejudice.

Jericho’s police team includes his faithful friend and colleague Detective Sergeant Clive Harvey and the ambitious young Detective Constable John Caldicott, whose warm relationship with his fiancée is in stark contrast to the lonely nighttime vigils of Jericho.

Bob Christie
Series 1, Episode 2 The Killing of Johnny Swan (Oct. 23, 2005)
Series 2, Episode 1 To Murder and Create (Oct. 30, 2005)
Series 2, Episode 2 The Hollow Men (Nov. 6, 2005)
Stewart Harcourt
Nicholas Renton
Cameron McAllister
Production Company: 
Granada Television, WGBH
Additional Cast:
Robert Lindsay, David Troughton, Ciaran McMenamin
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