Buried Child (2004)

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When Vince brings his girlfriend, Shelly, home to meet his family, she is at first charmed by the “normal” looking farm house which she compares to a “Norman Rockwell cover or something”–that’s before she actually meets his crazy family–his ranting, alcoholic grandparents and their two sons: Tilden, a hulking semi-idiot, and Bradley, who has lost one leg to a chain saw.

Strangely, no one seems to remember Vince at first, and they treat him as an intruder. Eventually, however, they seem to accept him as a part of their violently dysfunctional family. Gradually, the family’s dark secret begins to come clear.

Sam Shepard
Matthew Warchus
Additional Cast:
Lauren Ambrose, Elizabeth Franz, M. Emmet Walsh, Sam Troughton, Sean Murray, John Rogan
National Theatre, Lyttelton Stage
Completed play. Previews from 18 September 2004, opened 29 September 2004, closed 15 December 2004.