Battle Royal (1999)

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Set between 1795 and 1821 against a backdrop of war and revolution, Battle Royal charts the troubled marriage of George, the Prince Regent, and Caroline of Brunswick, a fiery German princess.

Having married Caroline as part of a desperate deal to clear his debts, the Prince quickly shuns his bride in favour of his mistress, Maria Fitzherbert. As the Princess’s poor treatment at the hands of her unpopular husband wins public sympathy, Caroline revels in her newfound role as political agitator.

  • This production was the play’s world premiere
Colonel John McMahon
Nick Stafford
Howard Davies
National Theatre, Lyttelton Stage
Additional Cast:
Caroline Harker, Zoë Wanamaker, Hugh Ross, Simon Russell Beale, Gemma Jones, Suzanne Burden, Matthew MacFadyen
Completed play. Previews began 2 December 1999, opened 9 December 1999, closed 8 April 2000